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Portugal (and Nerja revisited)

Happy in the kitchen cooking like the Spanish

Warning....this posting is not intended for general consumption...read at your own risk or feel free to ignore!

I hadn't planned on writing about our trip until we started the Portugal segment. This being our third visit to Nerja, I didn't want to bore those who I know enjoy keeping up with our travels with a rehash of impressions and activities much the same as previous years.  Portugal is the "new adventure", and warrants the first journal entry…

We walked most of the day along this irrigation canal

Portugal Part One--Walking The Rota Vicentina

Portugal surprises us! We knew that this country is rich in history, known for its unique singing style of Fado and is celebrated for its wines and especially its Port.  We read that Portugal, once one of the poorest nations in Western Europe, has experienced a significant increase in prosperity and has recently been named a "best value" travel destination,…