Travel Journal

Eat, Love, Walk and Ponder--England and Greece 2017

Cool pub in London near our B&B

Walking the Cotswolds the HF way

Seven nights of fine food, and five days of excellent and sociable walking...HF Holidays Walking Tours in the Cotswolds in England delivered an exceptional experience!  It is beautiful area, with quaint villages, ancient churches, lovely gardens, peaceful forests and wide-open spaces. We shared the walking experience with lovely people (including a couple from Whistler who came to do the walks…

Our ferry stopped at Santorini but we didn't get off. This island is VERY touristy...on the cruise ship itineraries!

Naxos - Peaceful Island life

Itinerary (3 nights, 2 full days) and Notes

Naxos is one of the less touristy islands; relatively quiet; stayed at a wonderful hotel with water view, nice owners; wandered the maze of street of the old town of Naxos; ate at some amazing restaurants (including French cuisine for a change); Len still a bit tummy-sore but getting better; sun came out…

Guards with pompoms do the Monty Python silly walk in guarding changing ceremony...hard not to laugh

Athens--where it all began!

Itinerary--3 nights and 2 full days 


A big, noisy city; right off the boat had a personal encounter on the metro with a pick-pocket--and survived;  we were on to him immediately, he knew we knew;  I had a good grip on my purse, Len watched him with an eagle eye as he nonchalantly edged closer; he eventually gave up, but subtlety…

Once you got up to the top, you still had to walk up stone paths and stairways to get to the monasteries

"On the side" to Meteora for geography and to Delphi for history

Itinerary and Notes

2 nights, 1 full day -- Meteora (north central Greece)

2 nights, 1 full day -- Delphi (south west central Greece)

Meteora: Long train ride to Meteora; Laurie's foot in dire straits so walking painful (Ibuprophen please!); booked onto a "sunset tour" to see the monasteries on top of the rocks; amazing geography; tour "meh"; visited 2 monasteries…