Travel Journal

Mother/Daughter Adventure Begins!

One of my deepest wishes has been to spend time travelling with each of my children. This was partially realized with the trip to Japan with Kevin in 2013. It was a memorable and fascinating experience, and one, I believe, that fostered a better understanding of, and even stronger connection with my son.

Now I am about to do the same with my daughter. Talia is a amazing young woman--smart, creative, kind and funny! Someone, I might think, I know well....but I really don't. She slipped out of our lives after high school to travel and study elsewhere and I never really experienced first-hand her transition into adulthood. I do know she is able to take care of herself, even in challenging situations. I know too that she is setting goals and making plans that will determine her future. But what is this beautiful person really all about?  This trip to Germany (the destination of her choice) I hope will be the opportunity to truly get to know the woman that is my daughter...and have some fun at the same time!

After both of us experiencing stressful flights, we have met at a hotel in Frankfurt.  Tomorrow we  willl take the train to Wurzberg, then rent a car and drive down the so-called "Romantic Road", visit mad King Ludwig's fairytale castle, spend time in Munich and Berlin and even attempt a 7 brewery "Beer Hike" near Bamberg. We will end up back in Frankfurt where Len and I will reconnect to fly home and Talia heads elsewhere to continue her travels.

Stay tuned for updates as my latest latest adventure unfolds...